The YORKTON TRIBAL COUNCIL is looking to set up a business development corporation and are seeking board of directors with business experience to sit on the Board of Directors for a newly form Limited Partnership Corporation. The “Call to Serve” for board of directors is attached plus the “Qualifications and Attributes of the Board of Directors”. The Business Charter has been developed by the YTC Chiefs and explains the mandate and intent for the Business Development Corporation. These documents are included for your reference. The deadline for the “Call to Serve for Board of Directors” is May 3, 2013.

For further details on  “Call to Serve for Board of Directors” go to the Home Page TAB – Additional Information to download information. Individuals that are interested in applying to be a Board of Director for YTC Business Developments Ltd. are required to complete Form 3 – Applicant Expression of Interest and include a completed copy of this form with their cover letter and CV.

The process for selection of the board of directors will be a screening process completed by the Nominating Committee, short listing of interested individuals and an interview. After interviews by the nominating committee, a recommendation will be put forward to the shareholders of General Partner (shareholders are the Chiefs representing their FN) to approve the board of directors for the General Partner (YTC Business Developments Ltd.)

Note that the legal documents for the General Partner and Limited Partnership of the Company have all been completed and are registered with Sask Justice – Corporations Branch.

Next steps for the new Corporation are to put a board of directors in place; sources of Operational dollars for the company have been identified but need to be set up in separate bank accounts;  and the shareholders are in the process of putting an equity/investment pool of dollars in place in order to be in a position to move forward on business opportunities. If you are selected as a new board member, these will be some of the challenges in providing direction to get the new company in a position to be business/investment ready.

It has been proposed that the board of directors will provide direction on the hiring of a General Manager/CEO for the Corporation. Once the GM/CEO are in place, one of the priority tasks will be to complete a strategic plan for the corporation in terms of the types of business opportunities and/or investments that the new corporation will search out for it’s dealflow pipeline.